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"We are takers."

"We are the very thing you fear at night. A storybook nightmare, but we really are waiting for you in the darkest places you can think of, and everything beyond your dreams. In your closet, under your bed, in the dark hallway...We are all there. Watching your every move."

"They fear us, but they know not our name. The scared, the proud, the strong, they all cower at our hand. We took what was theirs, and made it our own monster. We all knew this was going to happen. But, we can do nothing to stop it."

"We weren't always this way. Our leader made us what we are, creatures of misery and pain. Pull the strings, but everything is a puppet to some other divinity. We are killers of sorrow, harbingers of destruction, and prophets of death. We are everything in the nothingness."

"We reside in Freddy Fazbear's."

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