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This is the sale log of The Dealer, a human-animatronic hybrid who first appears in Don't Look Behind You, as a salesperson outside the pizzeria. This sale log starts in 1987, and slowly moves towards the 1990s as he makes more and more sales.

Sale 1

Angry man dressed in purple came to me today, name noted as "J. Fitzgerald". Sold him a pack of batteries for $20, he kept complaining about some "stupid balloon kid". No idea what he's talking about.

Sale 2

A nice and kind ferret apparently named "Flora" came just after Mr. Fitzgerald, had great conversation with me. Sold her a box of spare parts for $75, she calls herself "incomplete", and she talked about having a chain to herself. Interesting.

Sale 3

Fazzy Fredbear appeared today, I hardly know him, but I like him as a person. Sold him a large cake for $45, he claims it is for a birthday party at Freddy's. I wonder when he will come again.

Sale 4

The Puppet came today, accompanied by Golden Freddy. Seeing two rivals doing things together is quite unusual. Sold the Puppet a pair of headphones for $120 (he kept bragging about stealing a guard's laptop), and sold Golden Freddy a whole endoskeleton for $750.

Sale 5

Today I was creepily approached by the Mangle, who was in even worse shape than before. Man, what is with those kids, always tearing it apart? Sold it a new set of teeth for $200, and it also came later to tell me about it's plan, but it's voice was distorted. The only things I could make out were "hate", "guard", "bite" and "Fitzgerald".

More coming soon!

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