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The Death Virus is a virus created by The One Who Watches. It mostly runs through the Death animatronics, (Dead Foxy, Ghost Bonnie, Specter Chica, and Soulless Freddy), but it can infect others unlucky enough to be in it's range.

Death Virus

The symbol of The Death Virus.


Animatronics infected should either gain red eyes or have their eyes shut off, suddenly feel hopeless or bloodthirsty, and somehow turn either grey or orangeish-red. They should also feel much less energetic and less social.


  • The death animatronics are not animatronics who were once normal:-in fact, they are the main transporters of the virus.
  • It can also infect arcade machines and other computers, and when it does it often displays Death Minigames featuring death animatronics.

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