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Hi! This is Diary of Chica, by KawaiiAri. It is inspired by The Diary of Bonnie by FunCookie and A Wikia Contributor. But instead, of course, it's about Chica! I hope you enjoy...give me ideas in the comments! Sorry if I seem like copying The Diary of Bonnie.

About Me!

Hi, my name's Chica! By the way, I'm a chicken, not a duck. So just please stick that in your brain if you think I'm a duck. That's really offensive, y'know. Just because I'm yellow, doesn't mean I'm a duck! Plus, only cute little fluffy baby ducks are yellow, and I'm not a little fluffy baby duck. So, I am cute (I've been told) but I'm not a freaking duck! That annoys me! Honestly!

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