NOTE: This is just a story made 4 fun :D)


Hello my name is Foxtail and well I'm a Fox. My real name is Jerry Hopkins but again, Call me Foxtail. I weigh about 108 pounds (basiclly the skinniest animatronic here but my endoskeleton is weakly built). I have a tophat and a microphone *shows you tophate and microphone* anyway now that's over with,ON WITH THE SHOW! (Anothah thing: I will add more days until I'm done with this so don't think this is the end :D)

Day 1

The day after my friends and I was killed I woke up but I noticed my hands wern't the usual flesh and blood. I was an animatronic and as my friends woke up they noticed too. we couldn't really talk when we're being used. To be honest I was scared and so were the others but sometimes I did enjoy playing but I was so new to this life. I was program to talk and sing too but it was never things I wanted to say.


foxtail's drawing of Day 1

When the place was closing we were put on free roaming mode which let us do whatever we wanted. I was talking to the animatronics. Fredrick was freaking out, Catsi was confused and Peggy was too. but something I wondered is... What happened to the 5th kid that was with us? We didn't know him but he was older and he was our baby sitter. He was about 13, and I was 9 at the time. I wonder where he went and I'm pretty sure he died with us. i heard the words 'follow me' and saw a purple figure lead us into a room. as soon as it entered the room, it disappeared. I could see a yellow version of me stripped of its endoskeleton. I noticed blood and rips on it but it talked. It said it was sorry for bringing us misfortune and he said in his own way of apologizing he would take care of the animatronics forever. We all hugged the empty suit and we cried. We cried tears of blood as those came down,they made it on the suit. I was afraid of what would become of this life but as long as 'he' is here I'm okay. That's al I have for day 1 so bye!

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