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The Disasters are a group of Animatronics who stalk Charlotte and steal her fishcakes.
The disasters by mikonekocream435-d8p3ljq

Character Bios


Charon is a cyan raccoon and the leader of The Disasters. He laughs at Charlotte when she got slipped by something (Such as banana peel). Before Charlotte gets up, they steal the plate of fishcake and ran away.


Metis is a brown monkey. He is the one who throws the banana peel making Charlotte slipped into the floor.


Daphne is a light brown lynx. She is usually silent and doesn't say much at all. She is the only female member of The Disasters.



Charon is a cyan raccoon with dark blue eyes (If he doesn't have his sunglasses on). He appears to wear sunglasses, a dark red hat (Which appears to be worn backwards) and dark blue hoodie.


Metis is a brown monkey with orange eyes. He wears a white shirt and dark blue pants with blue suspenders. He wears orange shoes.


Daphne is a light brown lynx with dark red eyes. She has a red choker with ribbon around her neck. She wears light pink dress with a dark pink bow behind it. She appears to have pigtail hairstyle tied with red hair ties.


  • It's unknown if there are kids stuffed into their suit.
  • Daphne is originally a cougar.

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