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NOTE: This is a screenplay. Italics mean stage direction.

(It's night. The camera slowly zooms into a large attraction, eventually panning into a dark hallway.A large siloutte of a bunny is barely visible, walking calmly. A large spotlight suddenly appears, illuminating Springtrap. The spotlight follows Springtrap as he walks through this hall, and another spotlight appears, on a Phantom Omega Party Hat. Springtrap jumps in suprise, and begins to shudder.  The Phantom Omega Party Hat slowly moves towards Springtrap, as Springtrap walks backwards. Springtrap says)

SPRINGTRAP: God dammit. I knew this was a horrible plan. Welp, I must face my fears. Engage the Phantom Party Hat motherf*cker.

(Springtrap stops moving backwards, and lunges at the Party Hat, screaming. The Party Hat easily dodges the attack, and retaliates by screaming loudly. Springtrap covers is ears, and resists the attack, slightly. Springtrap takes an attack stance, and screams again. The Party Hat falls back, but easily gets off, brushing off the attack. Springtrap quickly eats a pizza, as the Party Hat screams again, pushing Springtrap back. With great effort, Springtrap gets up, and says)

SPRINGTRAP: This is stupid. I must use my gun.

(Springtrap whips out a ghostly gun, and begins firing at the Party Hat. The bullets cause the Party Hat to fall back. Springtrap puts the gun away, and proceeds to Whip the Party Hat. The Party Hat now shows visible damage. The Party Hat proceeds to get angry, and screams twice, as loud as it can. Springtrap not only falls back, but also loses his gear. He says)

SPRINGTRAP: Crap.... Welp, I must use primitive weapons, if I want to win this.

(Springtrap gets up, whips out his fists, and begins punching the Party Hat repadtly. The Party Hat does not even flinch, nor fall back. It is obvious the punch did zero damage. The Party Hat lightly pushes Springtrap, causing him to fall back, at a speed of fifty-five miles-per hour. Springtrap is now raging, and says)

SPRINGTRAP: DAMN! F*CK! Well, I must use... my ultimate attack.

(Springtrap gets up, highly damaged, and proceeds to take an attack stance. Springtrap proceeds to back up, then run at the Party Hat, and bashes the Party Hat all the way into the wall. Springtrap and the Party Hat both scream, and fall to the floor. The two appear to be dead for a while. Cranky Kong proceeds to enter the scene in an attempt to give helpful advice, but quickly leaves, as Springtrap slowly gets up. Springtrap now has 1 bar of Health. He says)

SPRINGTRAP: *I....... *wheeze* f*cking...... *cough* did it *wheeze*........ eat.... *cough*.... my.... *wheeze*.... SH*T!

(The curtain ends the play.)

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