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The Golden Times is a game where you play as Freddy and others to try and dismantle all the golden animatronics. It takes place with in the time period where on golden animatronic and 1.0 animatronic exist. There are 5 nights and 5 days. It takes place in 1987, but before the bite.

​​Good guys/gals

  • Freddy
  • Bonnie
  • Chica
  • Foxy

Bad Guys/Gals

  • Golden Freddy
  • Golden Chica
  • Golden Foxy
  • Golden Bonnie


The nights are much easier than the days. 


On the days, you must make sure no Golden animatronics get on stage or anywhere else in public or the place will be shut down. To get Freddy, Chica, or Bonnie to go backstage, you must say that you have to "Take a break". As Foxy, you must go backstage between shows. Each animatronic has a certain time. They also have different abilities. 


He can sneak very well.


She can throw her cupcake as a projectile.


He can slow down the Golden animatronics by giving them hallucinations.


He can run or walk 2x a regular animatronic.


At night, it is the same, but you also must keep up with the security guard.


There is a custom day and night mode. To unlock it, you must complete all nights and days without losing in a row. 

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