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The Haunt
...Evil Llits I
State Unknown
Type Gray Leopard Suit
Behavior Strange
Place Thomas' Amusement Park
The Haunt is a non-cannon Five Nights at Freddy's OC created by Shadowboy192.


The Haunt or how it is called by the employees, "The Grayscale Suit", was a prototype mascot for Thomas's Amusement Park that was later replaced by Tom The Tiger. Later, the owner of the park wanted to turn the prototype mascot idea into an actual animatronic for a new atraction in the park. The employees then started to create the costume of the character a few days later. It's color was all gray because it still wasn't colored yet. It was left in the backroom with the other costumes. In the next day the suit mysteriously disappeared, the owner commanded the employees to find it but as much as they tried to they couldn't find it, they even spread posters around the park so people who had seen it could report an employee. After the suit had gone missing strange events started to happen in the park, people started to report that they had seen a gray suit but when they got closer to see it, the suit was gone, not only that but a decent amount of people started to go missing in the park. When people asked what happened to someone who was with that person, the answer was always that they had seen a gray suit some minutes before that person went missing. Because of that people started to think the amusement park was haunted, making it more unpopular. There were rumors from other people who had seen the suit in other places instead of just the park.


There were various concept arts about the character's appearance, but the one that was chosen was of a humanoid like(FNAF style) leopard animatronic with buttons in it's chest, a tophat, two long pants and fingerless black gloves. It was also supposed to be really thin and had only two sharp teeth in it's mouth.


Sometimes when you check the monitor in Five Nights at Freddy's 1, The Haunt's face will appear in the screen and the only way to make it go away is to change the camera feed or take off the monitor. If you keep watching him the screen will become more fuzzy time to time. If you take off the monitor too late it will appear in the right corner of your office with the screen still fuzzy. After some time a black screen with him glitching will appear and your game will then crash.


Sorry for my bad english or any misspelled word.

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