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The Head is an antagonist in Five Nights at Seth's 2.  
The Head (FFNaR)

The Head

In game 

The Head is a shiny pink cat head that will lurk in Cam 05, it will also stair at the camera as an easteregg.

In Five Fearful Nights at RX's, The Head's shape has been curved in the upper part and now has 2 glowing white eyes.


The Head will be located at Cam 05 and will not do anything until night 3. After completing Night 2, it will then begin to be active. It will appear then appear on Cam 02, about to move towards the player's office. When it will appear on the player's desk, the player must quickly lift up the camera or The Head will end the night.


  • It's jumpscare is a reference to Golden Freddy's jumpscare from Five Nights at Freddy's 2.
    • Also it's eye color is yellow, which is another reference to Golden Freddy's color.
  • The Head is genderless.
  • The Head was originally an exclusive character only to be shown in FNaS 2 but was turned into a main antagonist.


  • The head's pic in Night 2
  • The Head in the Suit Room
  • The Head in the extra menu in FNaS 2

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