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The Hologram is a non-canon character created by Shadowboy192.


Not much is known about this thing, but it seems to unintentionally appear in the new Fazbear's Fright atraction as a glitchy Freddy Fazbear thing, differently from the other holograms this one seems to randomly appear to some of the employees, inducing fear and strange hallucinations to them. The main programers/scientists of the project F.F.R. didn't find any program in the systems that may have caused this problem.


It's apearance is really similiar to Golden Freddy's apearance who shifts of it's FNAF1 and FNAF2 apearance. Instead of a yellow/golden color like usual it has wireframe like appearance.


At a time when testing the prototype, the system started to glitch for a few minutes. Afterwards when the scientists were searching what may have caused this they found a message saying HSR LD RASEAC REHPIC.







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