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The Mechanical Hound is a fierce electronic hit-man formed of copper and a few storage batteries, smelling of blue electricity. It's primary purpose is to be used as an electronic assassin. The Hound sports eight, tarantula-like legs, and contains enough sulfur, butterfat, and alkaline to trail the odor-index of ten-thousand victims.  From it's snout, a large hollow needle filled with procaine and morphine to use to intoxicate his victims within three seconds, killing them instantly. The Hound also uses it's sensitive capillary hairs in it's nylon-based nostrils to sniff his enemy, then charges at it's prey silently on it's eight rubber legs. Once The Hound's prey has witnessed a green-blue neon light, there is no turning back. The Hound is praised for it's easy command and perfect accuracy.


In 2022, Fazbear Entertainment spread throughout the entire United States, and became the leading pizza chain. With all the money coming in, the company began to slowly get corrupted with power. They began using propaganda, using mind-control technology, telling lies. They wanted everyone to be believe, this is the perfect place, this is the place where you take your children. They needed a way, a true way to make sure, everyone is loves Fazbear Entertainment. They had the perfect plan. Why not construct a mechanical canine, to inject morphine and procaine into protesters? And so, they did just that. The Mechanical Hound was of course, not used during show-time. Instead, The Hound was sent in a helicopter, speeding above the United States, each week. Using it's amazing design, it would locate any protesters, and murder them. This continued, and continued, and Fazbear Entertainment brilliantly covered all of this up.  


The Mechanical Hound is a rutheless, vile, canine to anything but lovers of Fazbear Entertainment, and the staff of Fazbear Entertainment. When The Hound is on a mission and encounters a protester, The Hound will quietly walk to it's prey, and begin violently scratching the victim with it's great, eight, legs. After this procedure is finished, The Hound proceeds to finish the job by using it's snout to inject a dose of morphine and procaine into it's prey, killing the victim. Upon encounter of a human being who supports Fazbear Entertainment, The Hound would act like any normal sane canine, sitting, lightly barking, begging for affection.

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