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The Humanoids were a band of four animatronics that worked outside. They consisted of animatronics that looked like humans, and they were the Milk Man, who liked giving kids milk and chocolates,  Balloon Boy and Balloon Girl, who worked together selling balloons, and lastly, Mr Sporty, who encouraged kids to play sports.

The Disappearence

One day, two of the humanoids, Milk Man and Mr Sporty, disappeared. No-one knows what happened to them, however, a note can be seen hanging on a wall outside the Pizzaria to this day, showing the missing animatronics. There are no pictures to be seen of them.

Balloon Boy desided to get revenge on the other humanoids by watching the nightgaurds, laughing at them and taunting them until they went insane. However, he was last scene with the NightGaurd Fritz Smith, who on his 5th and final night, had grabbed Balloon Boy and threw him in the garbage. Balloon Girl still wanders the halls, alone, waiting for Balloon Boy to come back.

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