This is a song by PurpleMasherGamer,featuring his best friend and game tester of PMG Studios,SeneeStorm


(Infected Freddy,PurpleMasherGamer(voice actor)

My entire life has been ruined by this thing.I cannot face it.

Fazbear Entertainment didn't notice it in the warehouses.

But it spread really fast.Really swiftly.

(Infected Bonnie,SeneeStorm(voice actor)

Fazbear Entertainment,the dumb ones,they thought it wouldn't spread.

But it did.Really quickly,quickly

And now our life is destroyed.

(Infected Foxy,SeneeStorm(voice actor)

Aye, should understand.

We have been struck by this m-monster.

Did they seriously think that we would be fine?

This has left us broken,rusted,damaged.

Chorus(all animatronics together)

It is the infection(ooh-oh!)

The destroyer of our souls.

The beast that left us barely able to stand on our feet.

A monster that swept our health away.

The thing that killed our souls,broke our endos,gave us our green tinge!

The infection!(A monster!)

The infection!(A beast!)

The infection!(A destroyer!)

Our bodies feel it!(Oh-oh!)

(Infected Foxy)

Something that they were concerned about.

Something that they didn't know would destroy us.

Something that tore us into pieces!

(Infected Freddy)

It is like the Jason Voorhees of animatronics

The fear of the warehouse

The killer of endoskeletons

The shredder of Fazbear Entertainment!

(Infected Foxy)


Maties,that's what we think it says.

Somethin' like a smart substance.

Aye,aye,it is black plus green and a scallywag.

That sneaked into my bottle o' rum,Freddy's microphone,Bonnie's guitar,Chica's bib

The infection!(A scallywag!)

(End of song)

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