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"You have reached Parts and Services."
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The Jeremy Parable is an experimental 3D game based on the Stanley Parable.


Jeremy Fitzgerald - The main protagonist of the story. Jeremy Fitzgerald works as the night-shift guard at a pizzeria called Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Every day, of every month, of every year, Jeremy goes to the pizzeria and uses a Freddy Fazbear Head to fend off against eleven evil animatronics. Despite the dangers of this job, Jeremy loves his job.

The Narrator - The narrator is an anonymous voice constantly heard in Jeremy's head. The Narrator's personality depends on what choices the player makes. The Narrator could be considered an antagonist in some endings, or a deuteragonist in some endings.


Welcome to The Jeremy Parable! A game where you will follow a story, and a game where you will make a story! A game where you will play as Jeremy, and a game where you will not as Jeremy! You will have a choice, you will have no choice! The game will end, and the game will never end!

Introduction Sequence

"This is the story of a man named Jeremy. Jeremy works for a large family friendly resturant known as "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza". Jeremy's job was to fend of against murderous animatronics by winding up a music box, flashing a flashlight, and putting on a mask. This is what Jeremy does every day, of every month, of every year. Despite the job's miniscule pay, (One hundred dollars and fifty cents a week), and the incredible dangers, Jeremy was.. happy.

Then one day something peculiar happened. Jeremy arrived to work as usual, and sat down on his chair. He checked the cameras as usual, did his routine winding of the music box, and checked the main hall. He sat there, but he eventually realized nothing was happening. There was no ambient noise, there was no hallucinations, and the animatronics were nowhere to be found, not in the blindspots, or on any of the cameras. Jeremy decides to leave his office, and to try and find an animatronic."

--The Narrator, The Jeremy Parable Introduction Cutscene


The Escape Ending

The Escape ending is the ending the narrator has been specifically designed for Jeremy. At the beginning of the game, leave the Office, go through the front door, go straight through the Main Hall, and go to the Parts/Service room. From the Parts/Service room, attempt to go through a secret door, but it will be locked and you will need the Freddy Head to unlock it. Return to your office, grab the Freddy Head, and return to the Parts/Service room. Unlock the door, and you will find the terrible secret being hidden from you this whole time: You will walk through a large torture room which the animatronics use for torturing victims, and you will eventually find a large room labeled: Animatronic Control Booth. There will be two buttons labeled On, and Off. Click the off button, and everything will go dark. A large door will open, and Jeremy enters it, free from his job. The game will then restart.


"Jeremy began his search for mechanical life by leaving his office through the front door. Jeremy exited through the front door, and began walking straight down the Main Hallway, ignoring all four Party Rooms. Jeremy decides to enter the Parts/Service room, hoping to find the withered animatronics. When Jeremy entered the Parts/Service room, he was shocked to find no withered animatronics. He began walking through the room, and found a large door labeled: "Manger Only".

Jeremy attempted to enter the door, but he failed. What he could not of known is that the large door could be opened using his Freddy Fazbear Head. And yet amazingly, by simply doing trial and error, Jeremy figured out he needed to use his Freddy Fazbear Head to unlock the door, wow. Jeremy prepared to enter the door, and he would eventually find the terrible truth his boss withheld from him. Once Jeremy entered the door, he discovered a large room with various torture tools, and multiple spare suits with endoskeletons intact. Jeremy was disgusted by this, how could he be so blind? Jeremy decides to end Fazbear Entertainment once and for all, for he would attempt to deactivate the animatronics, once and for all.

Jeremy entered a large room labeled "ANIMATRONIC CONTROL BOOTH". Jeremy entered the room, and pressed the off button.

Darkness. Then, suddenly, a large metal door opened, as the beautiful stars and moon slowly illuminated the room. As the immense door opened, Jeremy began reflecting on his experience. Where where the animatronics? Why had he been lied too? It didn't matter. Because now.. Jeremy was... free. Free from this torture. It does not matter what type of life Jeremy will live now, for the life he would life would now be his own.

Jeremy entered through the large front gate... and he was finally... free. He was... truly.... happy."

The Explosion Ending

The Explosion Ending is the result of Jeremy doing everything the narrator instructs him to do, except when Jeremy gets to the Animatronic Control Booth, Jeremy decides to activate the machine in an attempt to gain control over the animatronics. However, instead of Jeremy acquiring the control he wished for, Jeremy, as he is not authorized to be in the Animatronic Control Booth, is demolished by a emergency nuclear detention system. Once Jeremy presses on, Jeremy will not be able to turn the machine off and prevent his demolishment, nor is he able to escape the pizzeria. After the detonation, the game will restart.


"Jeremy entered a large room labeled "ANIMATRONIC CONTROL BOOTH". Jeremy entered the room, and pressed the off button.

Darkness. Then sud- wait. Jeremy, did you seriously just activate the controls? After all the horrors you have just witnessed, after discovering the horrible truth about this establishment, you decide to attempt to take control over it? Really? You were supposed to turn off the machine, and leave.

You know what.. How about this. I think you will find the next line of narration most interesting. *Ahem* "Jeremy pushed the on button, thinking he had sucsessfully taken control over the animatronics, he believed he would be the puppet master. However, what Jeremy could not of possibly known, is that without proper authorization, the pizzeria would activate an emergency detonation system. This nuclear bomb would detonate the perpetrator, along with the entire facility. The emergency detonation system would activate in.. hm.. let's say.. three minutes."

There you go Jeremy. Three minutes. You wanted control, so here you have it. Do whatever you want! You can attempt to escape the facility, or stay and die! You know.. since you aren't even going to live, I'll tell you what happened to the animatronics. I erased them. I erased them from the game, I set you free from this torment. I wanted to have a nice story for you, but no, you wanted control. Oh dear! Only one minute left on the clock? Why, let's add an extra thirty seconds. These are precious seconds, Jeremy. Use them wisely. I added some extra time because I wanted to laugh at you. Look at you, going through the torture room, trying to find anything that can help you. Maybe this axe, maybe this suit. Maybe this door. It's so fun. Well, ten seconds left. It's been fun Jeremy. Jeremy watched the last few seconds slowly tick away, and Jeremy di- *Explosion.*.

The Confusion Ending

The confusion ending is the result of Jeremy ignoring the narrator's orders by making a right in the Main Hall and going to Kid's Cove. From Kid's Cove, a secret elevator appears. Upon entering the elevator, Jeremy will go down into a small room with three doors. The narrator suggests Jeremy enters through the left door, and as none of the other doors are open, Jeremy is forced to enter the left door. However, upon attempting to go through the left door, The Narrator shuts the door in Jeremy's face, and suggests the right door is the correct way. Yet again, the Narrator shuts the right door, and begins looking for the script. Upon finding the script, the Narrator is most certain that the story is definitely in the front door. Jeremy will finally be able to enter a door. Upon entry, Jeremy will be greeted by the Animatronic Control Booth from The Escape/Explosion ending. Due to the game being spoiled for Jeremy, the Narrator decides to restart the game.

Upon restarting, it appears the game has restarted. Upon entering the front door or eithier vents, the player will be greeted by the two hallways, in a different establishment. The narrator swears that he restarted the game, but the Narrator decides to let Jeremy enter one of the corners. After entering, the player will endlessly walk down eithier hallways. Since the game is going nowhere, the Narrator decides to restart the game again.

Yet again, it appears all is well. After leaving the office however, Jeremy is greeted by a large brick wall, blocking entry. The narrator is bewildered by this, but instead of restarting the game, the Narrator decides to go back to the office, to see if Jeremy missed anything. When Jeremy enters the office, he realizes the office has changed. The office is now blue, and a large hallway is opened. The Narrator believes this is the story. After walking down the hallway, Jeremy is greeted by a dead end. After this, the Narrator decides to go in the other direction, to see if the brick wall is gone. Once Jeremy returns to the office, he sees the office has now been replaced by a decrypt wooden building. The Narrator decides to restart the game again after this occurs.

After the restart, Jeremy spawns in a large forest. Bewildered yet again, the Narrator suggests Jeremy follows a river. As Jeremy follows the river, it begins to defy the laws of physics by floating and twisting. The river will eventually take Jeremy to a large metal room with a large schedule. The schedule shows that it will take 15 restarts to complete the confusion ending. The narrator decides he will never restart the game again, however, the Narrator proceeds to "break" the game, and the game finally truly restarts.

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