The Legless is a strange Animtronic in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza only a select few other animatronics know about.


The Legless is a very heavily damaged animatronic missing its legs. It's species is unknown, as the heavily damaged costume is stained and covered in muck and dirt. It seems or have no gender, too. Most of its left arm is fully endoskelleton, other than the shoulder. It is missing half of its face, and that side's endoskeleton is almost entirely dismantled.


The Legless is a solemn, yet irritable animatronic. It spends most of its time hiding, to avoid being damaged to the extent of death. The Legless has technically died multiple times, however has been revived inexplicably.


As only a few animatronics know of its existence, The Legless does not have much of a social life.

Julian the Bat

Julian was the first to discover it, when he accidentally sat on The Legless. He is fearful of it due to it looking like an animatronic's corpse.

Luigi the Lizard

The Legless happened to crawl into a box of spaghetti which Luigi opened. Luigi has convinced himself that it is in fact malevolent, and has tried and nearly succeeded killing it.

Amy the Cat

Amy also stumbled accross the mysterious animatronic, looking for her girlfriend, Bonnette. Amy is somewhat fearful of The Legless, but has developed a somewhat friendship with it.


While no one knows of the past of The Legless, other than itself, it refuses to disclose that to anyone. In reality, the Legless was a prototype attraction who was originally intended to be a new member of the band when Fredbear's Family Diner was being bought by Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. The Legless was scrapped halfway through his costume development, as no personality could be determined for it.


"Call me the Legless. It is the only name I wish to be called by anymore."

"I hurt even worse than I look, but I do not wish to die."

"You are nieve, lizard."


  • The Legless went through a few name changes.
    • It was originally to be called The Wreckage, but that seemed to similar to The Mangle.
    • Ricky was considered, however that would imply it was a male.
  • The original idea of a heavily damaged and rarely seen animatronic was actually originally a Nightmare version of Bonnette.

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