The Lolly man was originally an animatronic who taught the kids who visited the place about the dangers of not having enough sugar. He was later scrapped for spare parts as the parents of the kids who visited the place, thinking it was bad for them to think that sugar was good, sued the place at court.


His history started when people started to realise that many children were becoming sick of low suger intake. Then they devised a plan, to make an animatronic that would tell you about the dangers of not eating such things. However, one month later he was shut down because the place was getting sued at court for the amount of sugar kids were eating because of him. He was thrown into a closet and never activated again (on purpose anyway...).


One day, a boy by the name of Sam, was being chased through the store by a pair of local bullies, when, he suddenly ran into a closet. Knowing that he only had a few seconds before the bullies looked inside the place, he quickly hid inside a nearby suit. However this turned out to be a huge mistake, because, like many suits, this one was filled with wires, meaning that he died within seconds. Sam, now possessing The Lolly Man, wanders the place after dark, looking for the bullies that made him accidentally end his own life (even though by now they are men).


  • The Lolly Man can sometimes be heard groaning the words "Who wants some lollies?", or much more rarely "Revenge" as he exits the closet
  • He is called Steve by certain customers because he was modeled after his creator, who was also named Steve. However two men call the animatronic Sam, although they have never told why...

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