"You have reached Parts and Services."
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"Another satisfying product!" -The Machinist on finishing an animatronic

The Machinist is an apparition that works alongside the The Reaper and The Seamstress, making endoskeletons and parts. She appears to wear overalls and a shirt underneath; in addition she wears googles and a hat.


Little is known origin-wise, but the Machinist has been around for a very long time, and has expedidential powers like her fellow ghosts. Residing with her ghosts of creation friends in Freddy Fazbear's, she now makes animatronics, robots, and machinery deep within Parts/Services.


She is very calm and friendly, and works well with others. She can also be excited easily, and similar to the Reaper, she is very eccentric.

Special Relations:

Faceless Sam: She made his endoskeleton, and the two get along nicely, due to their similar personas.

Top Chef: TC was a project of her, when Reaper stole it and made it a killing machine. She is still annoyed by this.

Metal Freddy: Much to her delight, he lets her use him as an agent of herself; meaning she occasionally haunts Metal Freddy.


Like the Repear, she has a suit she occasionally haunts: Metal Freddy.

Unlike him, though, she can't be seen in any cameras. Its possible to occasionally see her haunting Metal Freddy, though.


-She is inspired from several people through several TV shows and games; The Engineer from TF2 being the most prominent.

-This idea was originally the Seamstress herself; but he creator reworked it into another idea.

-There seems to be a system for her; she often refers to animatronics she makes by their project number. (I.E, Sam is number #35.)

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