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Nightmare bonnie

It could be there...

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Evil Weevil is a white weevil. This is why he kills people. He was supposed to be on the Show Stage but he was in the Parts/Service instead. Bonnie was onstage performing. Meanwhile, the animatronics talked to Evil Weevil for 6 hours.

What was happening onstage Edit

Bonnie was performing for some kids. He was sort of glad he was wearing the Freddy mask because he didn't want to scare kids.

He stayed there for 6 hours and did not even think about eating the cupcake.

Hours 1 and 2 Edit

Freddy said, "The night guard is up to dirty tricks. Dirtier than some pizza left outside. He is planning to destroy us. He must die", then he and Evil Weevil talked some more. Evil Weevil felt eviler.

Hours 3 and 4 Edit

Chica said, "Freddy's right. Let's break his jaw, muffle his voice, chip his teeth..." and they talked some more. Evil Weevil hated the night guard.

Hours 5 and 6 Edit

Foxy said, "Hurry! He's gonna mangle us! And we're already broken! We'll be dead!", then they talked some more. Evil Weevil wanted to kill the night guard.

Locked up Edit

For a week, he was locked up. He came back shortly after. Bonnie was back in Parts/Service.

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