The Nightmare In The Pizzeria (TNITP) is a (fanon) multiplayer online game based on Five Nights at Freddy's.

The Nightmare on Pizzeria icon

Game Icon.


Most in the game is obviously the same style FNaF, your real onjective depends on which team you choose (Team Animatronic and Team night-guard).


Team Animatronic

The animatronics team consists of several animatronics to choose from (more details in "characters"), the team's goal is obviously enter the guard room and catches it before 6AM.

Team Night-guard

If the player chooses to be the night watchman, you should obviously check the cameras and guard against the animatronics until 6AM.



This character section is for the animatronics!

Sheepy The Sheep


Sheeper The Sheep

Sheeper the sheep is the main antagonist of the game, he are most active animatronic in the night one, he is a male (View original article).

blue sheep with a topper, he appears in the right door, if the guard don't close for five seconds, the Sheeper will enter in the office to attack the night guard.

Mike The Turtle

Mike The Turtle


Mike The Turtle is the second antagonist in the game, he is a green turtle with blue sunglasses and a orange skate, he comes from the left door, if the guard don't close the door for seven seconds, Mike will attack the night guard (View original article).

Amy The Cow

Amy The Cows


Amy The Cow is a cow with a shirt written "Let's Party!", Amy comes from right door, if night guard don't close the door in seven seconds, Amy will gonna attack the night guard (similar to Mike).

Doge The Dog

Doge The Dog

Wow. Such scare.

Doge The Dog is a dog much like the "Doge", that dog that turned meme on the internet, it is the dog breed Shiba Inu, your skin is clear, and has whiter parts of your skin that comun, it is the left door, unlike other animatronics that stop at the door, it can not be seen turning on the light door, it can only be seen on camera, if the guard does not close the door on 7/2 seconds, Doge will attack the guard, causing a "Game over".

The Shadow

The Shadow

You do not know the level of my power ...

The Shadow is an unlockable character if the player has obtained all the badges of the game (except "THE SHADOW"), he can teleport in the office to attack the guard if he does not look at the camera for about 3.20 seconds, the player will lose getting a "killscreen" which in this case is a "scary" image of Shadow, and the player will be obrigador to return to the home screen.

Golden Sheepy

Golden Sheepy


Golden Sheepy is a golden animatronic version of Sheepy, he can appears in any room, any door and can teleport to office, unlike The Shadow, he only can teleport and go to any room one time, Shadow can make this things much times.

Other characters

The Night Guard

Night Guard

Hello! I'm the new guard here!

The Night Guard is the main protagonist of the game, he have to survive in the Sheep's pizzeria until 6AM, he can close the doors and turn on the light near the door to see the animatronics.

Helper bot 1.0

Helper bot

Hello, you need help with what?

The Helper-bot 1.0 is a non-playable character in the game, it just tells you how the game works and teaches you tricks on how to make the round (no matter if you are the guardian or an animatronic).


The player have a in-game shop, you can buy using your Pizza-points

Item Name Description Cost
Infinite office battery The Night guard can have a infinte battery

in your office.

999999 Pizza-coins
The Shadow You are bad with the badges? You can buy it. 99999 Pizza-coins
Skip to the 3AM You are afraid from the 12AM, 1AM and 2AM?

Now you can skip them!

10095 Pizza-coins
Double Trouble Duplicate your animatronic (Obs: The other copy

is considered a npc).

1000 Pizza-coins
Continues You lost with night guard? You can have 10 seconds

to play again with the guard!

100 Pizza-coins (One continue)
Animations You can use scary and funny animations on the CAM

as animatronic, the guard will get distracted with his skill.

650 Pizza-coins
Radio It's so boring to win the night or

attack the guard without any song? No problem, now you can put your favorite songs!

1980 Pizza-coins


Badge Name Description Objective
A good way to start! You win night one, not bad

try anything more hard.

Win night one
Night two complete! Yes, you are good... You can win the

night three?

Win night two
Night three complete! Very good! Keep wining the nights Win night three
Night four complete! Fantastic! Time to win the "last" night Win night four
A week completed! Awesome! You win the night five! Win night five
A awesome guard! Very cool! You win the night six only for fun! Win night six
Animatronic victory! You get the guard! Good work. Win as animatronic
A good way to win? You get the guard in night one? Congratulations! Win as animatronic in night one
THE SHADOW Now the night guard gonna have a surprise! Buy The shadow character in shop
Get shrekt What are you doing in my pizzeria? Attack the guard when are playing

"All star" song in the radio

Learning with the robot Now you know more about the game, time to thank

to helper bot.

Complete the Helper bot tutorial
Enjoying a song! Yes! A really FNaF song! Put the FNaF song in the radio in a single round
I Like Cameras! The guard really like cameras... Watch the camera ten times with the guard
Mystery Badge ??? ???
BADGE MASTER! You really are the badge master! Congratulations! Win all the badges of the game


  • In one of rules, say "Don't touch in Doge".
  • The "I like cameras" badge is a obviously reference to "I like trains" from asdf movie.
  • Sheepy and your friends just ignore kids in night.
  • Mike is the most lonely of the band.

Easter eggs

  • In the third pop up (Amy popup), this popup is based in the "YUM! Popup" from Slendytubbies 2.
  • The Helper bot 1.0 is based on the helper bot from ROBLOX.
  • The Sheepy behavior is the same of Flumpty bumpty (He go to office smiling, and your jumpscare is more scary).

Loading Screens

"Loading screens" is a loading screen that appears at any point in the game, if something needs to be loaded and processed in the game for a few seconds, some loading screen will appear randomly.


A example of a loading screen.


The Pop Ups are flash images that appears in night three, four and five if you play as night guard, the images appears for one second and disappear.




Shadow? Is you?




Crying child? Is you?


So scare.



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