The Nights is a FNAF fangame developed by PMG studios.It involves surviving five nights with the 2 main animatronics,Pierce and Claw,lurking around.


PurpleMasherGamer Ricky Glass(Phone Guy nights 1-4)

SeneeStorm James Rivet(Phone Guy night 5)

WonderfulAnon(one of PMG's friends) Claw

ModmanAidan(another of PMG's friends) Pierce

Phone Calls

Night 1

Hello?Hi,man.I'm Ricky Glass,and I'm gonna guide you through your stay here.So,basically,all you have to do is check the cams and survive five nights with Pierce and Claw prowling around.Goodnight!

Night 2

Hello?Alright,second night.Pierce and Claw have raised their difficulty by one bar.But still,this should be a piece of cake.Goodnight,man!

Night 3

Hello?So,now you're on night three,Pierce will be able to use his warning theme.When you hear it,you better close the doors and sit still.Just play dead,alright.Goodnight!

Night 4

Hello?It's Ricky here.I won't talk as much tonight 'cause I'm in a bit of trouble right now*pounding on door*.Just be careful,alright?*Pierce's theme plays*Oh no...*animatronic scream and crunch,then dial tone*

Night 5

Hello,hello?Hi.You might not recognize me.Well I'm the new Phone Guy,I'll be standing in for Ricky.My name's James River.We're planning to destroy the place with explosives we have put all over the location tonight.You shouldn't be able to get out alive.So,enjoy the last night of your life.Goodnight,forever.


Pierce's Theme:

Title Theme:


Jumpscare noise:

Jumpscare crunch:

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