The Pendragon's Diner
Vital statistics
Type Family-Friendly Restaurant & Entertainment
Level Unknown
Location Unknown
Inhabitants Unknown

The Pendragon's Diner was a restaurant & entertainment (somestimes abbreviated as TPD) in Five Night's at Arthur's ( a spin-off to Five Nights at Freddy's), which features new Animatronics mascots of heroes of the planet during the planet's darkest ages.


It was created by the hero named Arthur Pendragon, for kids to have fun, and eat with their friends. Asking permission of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, they were able to acquire some of their Animatronics such as Toy Chica, Toy Freddy, and many new, while using their new animatronics.

However, during 1978, the Animatronic called, Arthur the Dragon, suddenly its AI core malfunction, causing the deaths of a adult due to its harden metal crushing the adult's rib cage as it hugged the adult. This caused the diner to close, but it was also around this time, the staff was killed by the Operator (including the owner), and using his Soul Manipulation ability, placed the staff's soul into the animatronics. The diner was bought by Alex, and was turned into something similar to Freddy fazbear's Pizza, but not.

Known Animatronics

Arthur the Dragon

Arthur the Dragon' is one of the orginal animatronics used in the Pendragon's Diner for entertainment. It was named after the owner, Arthur Pendragon, and would tell stories to kids of many famous legends, and stories. Most notable is the Arthurian Legends, where King Arthur would heroically defend Albion (Medieval name for Great Britain) against the Angle-Saxons. Arthur tells other stories, such as the Paladin Roland, the Dragon Slaying Saint George, and Norse legends. Arthur takes a form of a child-size blue dragon creature with blue eyes, and having the main Camelot emblem on its back.



  • Still in the Works, so please excuse all informal or missing information as it will be finished on a later date.

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