"No Puppet Queen that's illegal."
―King Freddy about The Puppet Queen

Character Bio

The Puppet Queen is an animatronic puppet ruling over the Mask Kingdom. She is also capable of using magic. She was "assassinated" by Qeety's ninjas, but actually she was just attacked and brought to Qeety, who then killed her. She was buried in the Mask Kingdom, with bandages crossed over her eyes.


The Puppet Queen bears a resemblance to a jack-in-the-box, having a long, thin body with face paint that looks similar to that of a clown (Though if one were to ever say that to her face, she would probably have them executed). On the top of her head nests a crown lavished with many jewels from different origins. In her left hand she occasionally wields a broom which she uses to smack people on the head with (Most notably King Freddy). Her usual attire consists of a long, black dress that goes down past her feet, with patterns featuring white polka-dots going down the back, while the front has basically nothing. When entering battle, she takes a break from her usual attire and instead chooses to wear a slightly shorter dress that can change color at will for camouflage purposes, it is also much easier to move around in, since it isn't so long.

She has a mask that she usually wears during her time in the Mask Kingdom, it looks similar to Spam's mask overall, but is slightly smaller. It's purple with small red dots at the side, where the cheeks would be if the mask was not in fact a mask at all. It's presumed to be a gift from her late husband, though it's unknown if this is true.

Social Life

The Puppet Queen treats her subjects well, but to outsiders, most aren't capable of earning her trust.


King Freddy

The Puppet Queen is King Freddy's ex, but most people don't know about that, including Queen Chica.


Phobe and her are both minor rivals since they both rule over a kingdom.


Spam is her son, and being so she wants to recover him for the Mask Kingdom.


Since Qeety is the head of Karthism, the kingdom's religion, he influences the kingdom very well. They disagree sometimes because The Puppet Queen isn't Karthistic.






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  • Cudos to the almighty Gaomon332 for her appearance.