The Reaper's ghost form.

"Oy! Let's chop some ducks into little slices of bird meat! KILL THEM ALL!" -Reaper on being asked to kill.

The Reaper is an apparition that works alongside The Seamstress and the Machinist, and a god of death. He appears as a Scottish, slender, and dark being, who carries his scythe and flask everywhere. He wears a mask that has two dark eyeholes and a huge hole for his mouth.


The Repear, according to Animatology, was made with the Seamstress and the Machinist, as part of the 4 beings who made planet Earth (the 4th is Animeterex.). He controls all death, life, destruction, creation, etc. When the 5 kids were stuffed, he even told the kids souls what to do and how to behave. He works with his two sisters to make suits, mostly helping in making killing machines.


Reaper is a very eccentric being, despite his work; he gets along with most people, wether they be malevolent or benevolent. He is easily angered, though, and often this leads to fights.

Special Relations

Mr. Handy: He likes him enough, due to his mass killing. He is his top soul producer.

The Annihilation: He sees them as a starting out group; he wants to help them kill great things.

The Manifestation: A grudge is between the two; The Manifest loves infecting suits, not killing them. This annoys Reaper, as he wants them to at most die, not enslaved.


He has an endoskeleton he haunts to mass murder. Its a regular endoskeleton covered in human meat and blood; it was made as part of an effort to help a friend.

You can occasionally hallucinate him in a room; he just stands there looking at you. This doesn't do anything, and occurs at random.


-Inspired from Lord Death from Soul Eater and Demoman from TF2, in terms of personality, appearance, etc.

-His Scythe was made by a unknown, lost soul; nicknamed the Blacksmith. He occasionally mentions him, almost implying he was a brother to him.

-He breaks the fourth wall a lot; its almost as if he was reading from a script and he's acting in a movie to him. Mostly, other characters just ignore it; thinking it's his insane ramblings.

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