Everyone knows that the toys are broken in Five Nights at Freddy's: The Toys Return.But know one knows how they got broken.This is the story of the toy's rough trip to 3015.All those 1028 years.

Toy Freddy

It was a rough day in our last day on work.We preformed on stage,but glitched commonly.The music was slow,like as if they were running out of battery.Then,Freddy bit a kid-in the face!Freddy framed mangle,by rubbing his blood on mangle's teeth,and broke her jaw.Then,the pizzeria closed.After only a few short weeks.We were sent to the junkyard and were left there for years.We slowly started to break.My jaw was getting loosened,mangle was getting wires everywhere,toy Chica broke her beak,toy Bonnie lost his eye,the puppet got a small hole/crack on his head,and BB was starting to get his arm ripped off.Then after 8 years,my jaw fell out.It was tense.

Toy Bonnie

Welp,I knew it was coming.We were all turning into monstrosities.By 1992,we all had at least 1 loose wire.I still remember my old bunny ears.Due to all the trash piling on us,we were getting worse and worse.Rust,dust,cracks,name them all,it was on us.Then,when someone was taking out the trash,guess what--HE STEPPED ON MAH FACE!Now I have this huge opening on my face.By now,it was 2012.This was a slow year,as thugs kept on coming,teasing us day by day.At least we were alive,I kept thinking.Then,it happened.My bunny ears fell off.There was nothing we could do about our destruction,as we weren't able to move.Our accessories were completely destroyed,except for BB's ballon.It was the worst 3 centuries.

Toy Chica


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