The Seamstress is an apparition that resides in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. She is a ghostly, middle-aged woman with a sewing needle for one hand.


The Seamstress has an unknown past. No one knows, and no one can get an answer out of her. Though, more of her story will be revealed in games and RPs.

What is revealed: She has been a ghost for a long time, and resides in a closet in Parts/Services, with others. She works with the other ghosts, in a group called the Ghosts Of Creation. The only known members are her, The Machinist, The Reaper, and Animeterex (Even though he isn't a ghost). However, Reaper has mentioned there is more.


She is a very kind, very strong woman, with lots of intelligence and charm to be friends with almost anyone.

Special Relations

She seems to like humans around the pizzeria, and treats them like sons or daughters. This includes workers, performers, and guards. Most are scared of her, but some enjoy her company.


She can occasionally appear as a rare hallucination in some games; She will inform you about animatronics moving, and can make a Freddy Mask for use against certain animatronics, who are fooled by it.


-A whistle, given to Amity and Lindsay, is used to summon her.

-Originally, The Seamstress was going to be a male mechanic animatronic part of the Cutting Crew, but this was changed. The idea was planned a long time ago, back when the creator first joined this wiki.

-She made the Toy animatronics, Golden Foxy,Golden Holly, Ninja Nobi, and plenty of others.