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The Sister House is a sitcom where the animatronics from Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental are bought by a man named Harold. In this series, the animatronics have to adjust to human life and remain in hiding - especially from children.


There is an ensemble of characters from the SL game.

Harold Davison

Harold Davison, otherwise known as HD, is an ex-mechanic and helped build the animatronics. Soon, he became attached to them and, when they mysteriously went on auction, Harold purchased them and used one of his spare rooms as storage for the animatronics. Harold is one of the main human characters in The Sister House and acts as a caring parent to the animatronics.


Baby is the main ringleader of the group of robots and is a mother figure to the Bidybab Twins. She was the first one to meet Harold, instantly recognizing him as her creator, thus, she calls him Father.

The Bidybab Twins (Bida and Bob)

The Bidybab Twins are the son and daughter of Baby. To Harold, they are his grandchildren and look up to him. They love running around and playing hide and seek.

Funtime Freddy

Funtime Freddy is Baby's best friend and is one handed, because his other hand is BonBon. He's basically the dumb one who's just happy to be here.


BonBon is the comic relief of the show. He loves to help Funtime Freddy with anything. Due to the show's success, a plush version of BonBon was made.

Funtime Foxy

Funtime Foxy is Funtime Freddy's great friend and actually has a crush on him. She acts all shy around him and yes, Funtime Foxy is a female. Fight me.


Ballora is the ballerina who just wants to be famous as a dancer. She always goes out in a disguise and calls herself Bella. But everytime, something goes wrong and Harold has to go and get her.


Minireena isn't that much of a character, but they do appear in the background of a few episodes. The first person to phone in and point them out actually gets sent a Minireena doll!


Ennard is one of the wasted endoskeletons which appears in a dark alleyway and just acts like a hobo.