Ok,so this is the first chapter to my(I hope)successful series The System Overload.Let's go

I felt the wonderful rush of power as my mask was put on me.My,that did feel good.Oh,I forgot to introduce myself.I'm Marionette!Ok,so back to the story.But the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes shocked me.I was jammed in some sort of box,with gears surrounding me and a handcrank on my left.All of a sudden,a red light started flashing and an alarm blared.I didn't know what was going on.As soon as I started to come to my senses,Toy Freddy came and dragged me out of what he called the "Prize Corner" and to the main controls room attached to the kitchens.When I slid into the controls room,I heard a sizzle and a hiss from behind me and all the power went out.As soon as Freddy saw the melted control panel he told me what was up.All of it spun in my cybernetic mind.System overload...fix together.It all started making sense.Out of the blue,Foxy ran in and roared to Freddy that the one dim,but working lightbulb in the Parts and Service went out and left all the animatronics in there in darkness.Then,Foxy turned to me and told me that it was good that I was there,and that he must have tripped over approximately a dozen things on the way to the controls room.Then I emitted my first words ever,which were "Freddy just told me that to fix the overload,we have to work together" after which Foxy said "Kiddo,out of all the things I heard from the others about what the gob was goin' on,your story is the dumbest".Angry at being insulted like that,I snapped and roared at Foxy "HOW DARE YOU ADDRESS YOURSELF TO ME LIKE THAT!GET YOUR DIRTY WITH INSULTS FACE OUT OF MY SIGHT AND NEVER INSULT ME AGAIN!IN OTHER WORDS,GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!!!!" after which Foxy just stomped away,head hung in shame.Proud of the way I got rid of Foxy,I marched happily out of the controls room and,using my eyes as flashlights,I walked down the hall to the Show Stage.


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