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The System Overload-chapter 2

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Yay!Chapter 2!Enjoy!

As soon as I reached the Show Stage,I bumped into Toy Bonnie,who moved offstage to check what was going on.Unaware of what was going on for a sec,he soon regained his senses, centered his artificial eyes upon me and said "Hi,young Marionette!" which made my duro-plast mask gain a pinkish tinge and my purple,painted-on tears gain a reddish tinge.I didn't even know that was possible.Anyway,I explained to him what was happening,and he listened with interest.After I finished my story,he heard a shuffling sound...and the next thing I knew,I was lying on the floor next to Toy Bonnie.I called for him to wake up.No response.I turned him around and saw that he was missing his endoskeleton.He was just an empty duro-plast shell.On his left cheek,I found a fingerprint.It was a spiralled one,in the shape of an @.I rushed to the Parts and Service,Toy Bonnie's body in my arms,to see if Doc could do anything about it.After a gruelling 4-hour operation,Toy Bonnie was alive and kicking.I asked him if he knew anything about our attacker,and,in a synthesized voice coming from the voice box connected to his neck,he replied that the only thing he remembers is turning around,seeing a silhouette of a man swing an axe at me,then him,but after that,nothing.So, after 6 weeks,when Toy Bonnie was well enough to be discharged we went to find our attacker and presumably the man that caused the system overload.


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