Alright, here's chapter 3(Note,this chapter is told from Toy Bonnie's and Purple Guy's perspectives)

Marionette was acting weird last night.I mean,yeah,he was waiting for me to get discharged,but after that he just acted plain weird.At least he's back to normal today.I still feel tingly though.Probably a side effect of spending six weeks in Parts/Service after a 4-hour operation.Marionette and I are still on the case of who attacked us.I sat down at a table to refresh my memory,then Foxy came."Hey,lad.Any leads on who cut our systems off,yet?"he asked"Nah"I replied.I got up and jogged to Marionette.


Looks like my plan is working.Toy Bonnie feeling tingly because of my tracking chip and Marionette looking for me.It's all working out.Heh.Now to commence Phase 2.*Purple Guy flips a red switch*Let's see how they react to this.*Laughing maniacally*

Back to Toy Bonnie...

I was just jogging along down Party Room 3 when I saw the Bare Endoskeleton enter the vents.I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around,his eyes glowing red and his teeth sharp.I yelled for Marionette then waited and waited for him to come.But he didn't.I was worried that it was the end of me(again),until Foxy ran in and Falcon-punched the endoskeleton into bits."Get up,lad.We need to find Marionette.He's gone somewhere and I don't even know where" I got up and followed Foxy.

Purple Guy again...

Great.Marionette has got captured by one of my animatronic spies and he's getting dragged to my secret hideout.The only flaw is that Endo_X is in pieces and Toy Bonnie is with Foxy.But I'll make Marionette talk!


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