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The Thieves Guild is a elaborate group of thieves founded by Hazik.

The Thieves Guild isn't all about tactical espionage in fact it's also a private military for hire


Hazik was bored and thought "Hmmm I should make an Army and murder everyone with it" and so he fored the thieves guild there isn't much of a backstory cause all he did was "LETS GO TAKE OVER THE WORLD FOR NARNIA" and he set out to get some troops and yeah simple as that


Note All Open Slots can be taken by one of your OCs

  1. Hazik = Commander
  2. Human Dominick = Noob
  3. Open Slot
  4. Open Slot
  5. Open Slot
  6. Open Slot
  7. Open Slot
  8. Open Slot
  9. Open Slot
  10. Open Slot


1:The Stealth Bomber aka B52

Exactly as it sounds this vehicle is a Air To Ground plane that drops either 1:Napalm 2:Carpet Bombs it was modified to fit Napalms though (if you don't know what it looks like just search it on Wikipedia)

2:Junk In The Box

Junk In The Box is a Trojan Horse like Vehicle like what happened a long time ago it fits 20 People in it and when the unsuspecting person pulls the lever all the people pop out and kill everything


The Excelius is pretty much a walking spider tank and It holds 3 weapons 1:Plasma Cannon 2:Plasma Bombs 3:Plasma Cutters it excels at cutting buildings down and it's classified as Ground To Air and Ground To Ground


these are a list of weapons

  • Plasma Rifle
  • Plasma Knife
  • Plasma Bombs
  • Plasma Rocket Launcher
  • HF Blade (High Frequency Blade)
  • C4
  • A12 Destroyer which is a rocket pod you can hold essentially
  • Barret 50.Caliber


Currently the Thieves Guild haven't encounctered another Kingdom so they have no Ally's or Enemies


The Armor all thieves wear is brown or black leather hoods and shirts boots and pants but during the night they wear dark blue since its better for sneaking however higher up Members may wear whatever they please and yeah


these are the ranks 1 is the highest and 10 is the lowest. Everyone starts at Noob well except Hazing and no one can pass his level or be at his level and in order to rank up you need to get certain amounts of kills they are listed

  1. Commander = Unobtainable
  2. General = 1500 kills
  3. Ultimate Assassin = 900 Kills
  4. Shredder = 400 kills
  5. The Ripper = 200 Kills
  6. Arch Assassin = 100 Kills
  7. Assassin = 50 Kills
  8. Apprentice = 20 Kills
  9. Trainee = 10 Kills
  10. Noob = First Joined

Head Quarters

Only Ultimate Assassins can know where it is if you're OC meets the requirments they will be told by Hazik himself.