The Trickster
Do you want to see a cool trick?
State Alive
Type Puppet
Behavior Mischievous
Place Freddy Fazbear's Pizza

The Trickster is a puppet character created by Shadowboy192.


After the old Puppet character had gone missing, Fazbear Entertainment started making concepts for another one by petition of various kids who liked it.

After some days Fazbear Entertainment created The Trickster, a puppet that entertained kids by doing magic tricks. He also gave candy and toys to the kids in the end of his magic shows.

He was later was taken out and Fazbear Entertainment answered that it was due to parents complaining about some of his magic tricks being "too harmful for their children", though skeptics think that's just a cover up. After that day there were some rumours about people that had seen him in other places from the town, it started to get even stranger when some little kids told their parents about some guy with a jester hat that teached them how to do magic tricks and then gave them candies.


Being a replacement for the Puppet, he has a similiar appearance to it. The Trickster has a jester hat with orange and blue color. His body has a navy color and has a glittery shine all over it. He also has a cape with a silver coloration in the back and red inside.


He becomes active in Night 3 and instead of trying to kill the security guard like the other animatronics, he instead distracts him, making him vulnerable to the animatronics.

He will appear in the Kitchen and will continue into the East Hall, East Hall Corner and then appear in the right door. When he is at the right door's blindspot you have to close the door to make him go away.

When he enters your office he will stare at you while doing his magic tricks, while this happens the animatronics can enter your office to kill you.


The Trickster is a very mischievous puppet. He likes to entertain kids with his magic tricks and admires magic itself. On some ocasions he likes to fool the other animatronics with his tricks for his own entertainment, though he hates when someone fools him. He doesn't like people who have bad humor or despise his magic show. He also likes to teach kids his magic tricks.



The nightmare version of The Trickster. He has similiar colors to the The Trickster's and looks like Nightmarionne but taller. He has a bigger jester hat then his normal counterpart, the balls at the end of it also have spikes on them, he also wears a cloak instead of a cape. He holds his own mask instead of wearing it, his face is hidden by both the jester hat and cloak.



The Trickster as he appears in Four Shifts at the Scrap Factory.


A pixel gif of the Trickster.


  • Nightmage was created on a thread called "Create your own halloween animatronic"(translated to english) in the brazillian Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki.
  • The Trickster was once called "The Mage" but got a name change due to having nothing to do with mages.