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A story of Mr. Tan's investigation of Endoman's escapes. Excerpt from his diary.

The Undergoing

I remember the day I was called by my cousin. That dear cousin was a rival for most of my live, along with another distant cousin of mine. That one cousin decided to hire me for his company, Fazbear Entertainment. Since I was an popular mechanic in my town, the company decided they needed my impressive skills.

The animatronics, as they were called, were developed and created, with the help of me. I rigged their endoskeletons and joints, created suggested designs of other company members, and even helped program them.

Now, we had hundreds of them, scattered over a chain of the company’s pizzerias.

Anyway, today we had a particular problem. Something about an animatronic hanging itself, I dunno. That one stayed backstage most of the time, so that was alright. I’ll let the others handle this.

All of the animatronics were programmed with personalities, sometimes they even fell in love. That was awkward.

Today, however, I had to check on the one. A certain endoskeleton locked behind and trapdoor. It was locked from the outside, but the trapdoor opened from the inside.

There were days where that one made a ruckus, banging on the basement walls, causing many customers to question us. We just said it was the backup generator in-case the power went out. What kind of pizzeria needs a backup generator?

Hmm, I think this animatronic was called… Endoman, or something. I heard the other animatronics discuss it. Wait, how would they discuss something they’ve never seen?

This is a breach in our system. I must take the night watch, seeing I’m the substitute. Most of the animatronics like me, so they don’t move as much, unlike their reactions to the other night watch.

I mustn’t let the Endoman escape.

-Sae’s  Diary, 02/23

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