"Enjoy it while you can, pesky insects. You won't need that hope when I'm done with thee..."-in the ending of the Lost Suit RP.

A bit of backstory

He is a very mysterious, villainous bad guy that wants to beat down every living thing in the pizzeria. The only lead to who he is, is a bloody journal, and a picture of The Puppet. He looks like a shadow with glowing yellow eyes, shiny white teeth and a glowing scar across his eye and mouth. He may be related to Purple Guy, but this may not be true. He will only appear in RPs so far, but may make an appearance in FNAF5. He speaks in an all-American accent, and says medieval words like "thy" and "thee". Personality wise, he is a bit like Mr. Handy. So far, his motives are unknown, but that may be revealed in Find the Truth.

Behavior in game

He goes in every room that the robots aren't. The way to keep him at bay is to use Audio to attract the 'bots to the room. He will then leave the room in a hurry. If he get's in the Office, he kills you instantly, without a sound. He starts in the P/S if you stare at Shadow Freddy for to long. His jumpscare is just like Toy Bonnie's but him holding a knife. Sometimes, if the power runs out, instead of Freddy, his scar, teeth and eye will flash alot, and then...j-scare.


  • Age: Unknown, possibly in late 30s.
  • Allies: The Soulless.
  • Enemies: Jake Aqua, due to him being a janitor, Jake does as much in his power to keep the Voice out of Freddy's.
  • Species: Human.
  • Powers: Shadow powers, speed.

Special Relationships

  • The groups of LSRP: He hates all of them.
  • The Puppet: He is scared to him.
  • Golden Freddy/Fredbear: He is terrified of him.
  • Clarrisa Fazbear: He seems..."interested" in her.
  • Mike: He wants to kill him.
  • Jeremy: He wants to kill him.


  • He is the only non-animatronic aside from Lindsay Kingsland to be an enemy in FNAF games.
  • He never seen. Ever. Not even in the Lost Suit RP Series.
  • He is so far never seen to show any emotion aside from cold happiness.
  • He is literally Soulless.
  • He is heavily inspired by Lindsay, but unlike her, he is terrified of the animatronics.
  • He is nicknamed: "The Black Guy", much like Jace is "The Red Guy", Vincent is "the Purple Guy" and John is "The Blue Guy".