Hello, all you beutiful people out there! On the FNAF wiki, when i was FNAFguy234, i made the biggest roleplay ever. nearly 300 posts! AND IT WAS FNAF WORLD! so ive decided to tell a story kinda based on the roleplay. Why? Cause im board.

Prologe: A terrable curse...

Scott was in rage. He made this game to be the best, and what did he get? People treating it like trash. He made something for his fans, and they threw it back. Scott decided to get revenge...but first, he needed to do something...

Chapter 1: A unlikely band of hero's.

It was a beutiful day at fazbear hills. The sun was shining, the flowers were blooming, and the veiw was stunning. Yep, it was quite the day. And no one was more happy about this then Fredbear, our main hero. Fredbear was part of the line of the Fredbear's, the mayor of animatronica. And it was his turn next to take over for his dad, *instert name here*. He was a brave, kind, and daring person, prepared for almost anything. He knew everyone in the village personally, and when someone moves in, he tries to make freinds with them. Today, he dicided to go for a walk. So he went for a walk. Duh. Little did our hero know, this would lead him to the most danger and thrill he's ever had in his life...

"*Sniff* Ah, its a wonderfull day!" He said as he wanderd throgh Chippers woods. These woods was rumored to have started out as the place Chipper was living at. "Now would be the part where i would say 'nothing can go wrong', but..." He thoght to himself. But then, he heard a scream. Not a scream of joy, or happyness. A scream of terror.

Instantly, Fredbear ran to where the scream came from. He finally found it, and hid behind a rock. "This is where the scream came from!" He thoght as he looked around for any dangers. Then, he saw it. Well, two its. One of them was a female who looked a awful lot like him, and was a spring lock suit, like him. The other, however, was cornering the girl: a giant pig thing that looked like it was made with stiching stuff together. And he also looked very ticked.

"HELP!" The girl suddenly cried. Fredbear, not really thinking, jumped from behind the rock and chucked a pebble at the stich pig monster. It did next to nothing. It suddenly eyed him, and Fredbear knew what was going to happen.

Then something exploded.

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