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This is Theminecraftkid's eBay

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Items on sale

  • Mint Condition Kingslayer Experience band *working condition*
    • Free Shipping
  • Mint Condition Freddy Fazbear's Pizza band *working condition*
    • Free Shipping
  • Working Kingslayer Experience 3-stage (Gamer Guy, B-ball Bear, Gwen Bunny)
    • Characters included
  • Working 1st gen. Gamer Guy (Jammin Joe) from Jammin' Joe's Diner
  • Working 2nd gen. Gamer Guy
    • Free Shipping
  • Working 1st gen. Mr. Junk-Gunk from Gamer Guy's FunZone

Sale Log

Sale #1

Sold an old Kingslayer 3-Center Stage to Merle Chanter. He converted it into a Cutting Crew Stage and sold it back to me for 9/10 the cost.

Sale #2

Sold a 2nd Generation Gamer Guy to Lindsay, She converted it into a Tinsay prototype and sold it back to me so I could duplicate it, which I did.

Sale #3

Sold a Kingslayer Stage to a "Flora The Ferret's Premium Pizza", I seem to be selling a lot of those stages to them, I have no idea why though.

More will be added

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