Thetruth.exe is a file found in every computer that has downloaded Five Nights At The Inventory 2. It is a set of small games that reveal some story behind the characters in it.


Stage 06

Set in an unknown restaurant, you play as Ninja Nobi, entertaining kids by tapping the keys that appear on screen. Once you beat it, you can walk around and find Rosette, much younger, crying in Parts/Services with blood coming out of her eyes. Give her a cupcake found on a desk in the Dining Area, and the game ends.


You play as Amity, set in Freddy Fazbear's. You walk outside, and find the Crew in heavy disrepair from a meteor. The game ends with Amity looking at Lindsay next to an endoskeleton. This reveals Amity was the one that stuffed her.

I Survived

You play as Rosette, walking away from the blast featured in Save Her. You grab some of the Crew, and walk back inside what is presumed to be the main building of the CIA. She drops the animatronics on a table, and the game ends.


You play as Jack, walking in an abandoned basement. You find a match on the ground in a room, and light it. You instantly warp to Freddy Fazbear's, and a TV shows a burning house. The game ends with the words "I have been saved" written in green.


You play as Golden Freddy, walking around in a restaurant similar to Freddy's. You walk to an office and find someone sitting there. Grab him, stuff him into a Chef suit, and you win.

After all games have been played, an animatronic appears, with the words, "YOU STILL MISSED ONE" written under it. The game makes the FNAF 3 night start noise and then is deleted from your computer.


-Several unknown animatronics are on Stage 06, on the stage itself. They appear to be ninja-thembed, like Nobi is.

-You can redownload the game from the actual Five Nights At The Inventory 2 game, by pressing the power button on the computer.

-The game's main theme appears to be a pixelated, slowed down version of "Die In Your Arms" by the real band, Cutting Crew.

-This confirmed the realease of FNATInvent3, along with Night 8 at the FNATInvent2.

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