Those Nights at Bonnie's or simply TNAB is a Five Nights at Freddy's fangame made by Nightmare-Cindy and stars one of the main animatronics, Bonnie with a new gang of animatronics.

The Plot (Story) of this game:

You are the new night shift guard at Bonnie and Friends, a new pizzeria starring everyone's favorite bunny! Here in this new location we have safety alarms in case a fire or something bad happens, and security cameras and at day and night all the time so IF anything bad happens, it will be on camera!

We added a new member to our gang, Wiggles The Weasel! Oh, the children love him! He's really nice, you know? He would NEVER even hurt a fly! Literally! And, if anyone comes in, both of out animatronic pals are fit with the highest safety vision ever, so they can see pretty much everything! Cool, right?

The Cameras/Things to Entertain you:

Cam 1- Main Stage

Cam 2- Party Room 1A

Cam 3- Party Room 1B

Cam 4- Party Hall

Cam 5- Parts Room

Cam 6- Roller's Rollerskate Park

Cam 7- Office Hall

Cam 8- Office Hall Corner

The Animatronics:

Bonnie- The Main animatronic. Likes to trick you by thinking he's there by giving you hallucinations. Active on Night 2 onwards.

Wiggles- The first animatroni you encounter, Likes to hide in vents, so you want to close those vents Active on Night 1 onwards.

(More to be said when the demo comes out)

The Mechanics:

Phone- used to switch cameras and lure animatronics away

Vents- used to stop Wiggles and also can open (in some rooms) to leave gas in a room for a short amount of time

Doors- Like in the core FNAF games, these doors can keep the animatronics out

Curtains- Can be closed to stop ---ERROR--- from sprinting and killing you

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