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Tic is a sky blue Tic Tac breath mint. He has a yellow belly.

Day Behavior

He is a coding instructor. He gives out steps of how to code. He works with Scratch Cat and Tac. He also sings songs to kids for every day of the year, even on leap day. On January 1 he sings the 1st song again. He says stuff like, "Are you liking this place? (pauses) I knew it!" or "Drag out the blue right arrow block. You ready? (pauses) OK!"


  • The whole line of Five Nights at Scratch Cats characters was made in 2002. He was the 1st one!
  • He did something too gory to put on this page in 2004. That caused him to be replaced by Nano.
  • Tic was originally going to be named TC 1.0. Imagine the page! TC 1.0

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