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Time for Teddy's! is an upcoming game. you play as Jonathan Elm and you work at a storage facility named Fazbear Containment, where they keep animatronics. it takes place after fnaf 1 but before fnaf 3. the story is Ted E. Bear and Benny rabbit fixed the dismantled animatronics to help them get revenge on fazbear entertainment



Freddy - looks like old freddy from fnaf 2 but with no hat and no lower jaw.

Chica - looks like old chica from fnaf 2 but with no beak and only one eye

Foxy - looks like old foxy from fnaf 2 but with his lower torso and under stripped of costume

Bonnie - bare endoskeleton but with faceless bonnie head

Balloon Boy - propeller on hat is always spinning and hat is falling off with multiple tears in his body. now has a jumpscare

Puppet - mask cracked off on one half, showing endoskeleton, endoskeleton body, box is black with words written in blood


Trapper- missing one arms costume and one legs costume

Hendrick - middle of face is gone. similar to old bonnie

Salvage - nothing changes

Hybrid salvage - translucent, does not kill but still jumpscares.

Benny rabbit - withered like his future counterpart (springtrap)

Ted E. Bear - nothing changes


Cam 01 - Main Storage. The main animatronics (freddy, bonnie, chica, foxy) start here. Ted E. Bear and Benny Rabbit pass through here.

Cam 02 - "ancient" storage. Ted and Benny start here. Puppet passes through here.

Cam 03 - employee lounge. Salvage starts here. Hybrid salvage jumpscares here. Hendrick and BB pass through here.

Cam 04 - Other Storage, BB and Puppet start here. Trapper passes through here.

Cam 05 - "These unused guys". Trapper and Hendrick start here. everyone passes through here.

Cam 06 - Office 1. through this cam you can see the hallway to the left door of the office. Returning animatronics enter here

Cam 07 - Office 2. through this cam you can see the hallway to the left door of the office. new animatronics enter here.

Cam 08 - Ventilation. gives you a map of the vents and who is in it. all animatronics can enter here.


  • Salvage starts in employee lounge because he was an employee at freddy fazbear's pizza
  • the ventilation is reminiscent of mario kart mini-maps
  • when returning animatronics kill you, you get stuffed in a fazbear suit
  • when trapper kills you, he does his game over screen (see trapper page)
  • When salvage kills you, it shows his lenwood peak's death realistically
  • when ted or benny kills you,it shows the old location of Ted E. Time pizza with a billboard saying "game over"
  • the reason the custom night icons are 8bit is because the custom night is 8bit like death minigames
  • the game takes place in 2003, one month before purple guy becomes springtrap

Phone call (only one)

File:Office with ted e bear.png

Hey, wassup, my name's... you can call me phone guy. welcome to Fazbear Containment! we are not responsible for dea- actually im not gonna talk about that... unlike the pizza place, all animatronics are active, but they dont seem to try as har d until later nights. welp, check the vents, wear the freddy head, and check the monitors. thats about it!

File:Title screen teddy-0.png

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