Tinsay is a red animatronic pure fox; her parents are Lindsay and Tin The Butler.


Tinsay is a red fox animatronic she has green eyes with a white tip at the end of her tail (Even though she has fox skin) she wears a little blue dress, and has a blue bow on her head


Tinsay appears in a roleplay by Cityws. She was made by Tin The Butler using Lindsay's DNA, Marbeled fox DNA, and animatronic parts. After Lindsay took her away, she started raising her with the Cutting Crew helping her. Pretty soon, Lindsay got the money to buy a part of the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza chain, and she opened up the restaurant, still raising her. She occasionaly performs alongside Freddy or Fozie.


She's usually very happy and energetic, but shy around new people.

Special Relations


She likes him and can't see why Lindsay and the others hate him.


She is very close to her, but she loves messing with her.

The Wunks

Tinsay is okay with them; she freaks them out though. Plus, she doesn't really like their singing most of the time.


Tinsay enjoys Springfield's company, even calling her "Aunt Springfield' at times.


-She is slightly psychic, and can read thoughts and feelings.

-Tinsay was made with DNA syphoned from Lindsay's brain. She nearly died from this, but Mad Jack took care of her until she lived.

-She has a thick British Cockney accent.

-The fact Tinsay's fur is red is a reference to Lindsay's red hair. She also inherits personalities; Lindsay's energetic, happy moods and Tin's manipulative, sadistic moods.

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