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Tiny the otter was created to prevent bullying in the pizzeria, and to teach the children not to bully


Tiny's very cheerful, happy, relaxed, but still very strong to stop fights between animatronics and children, Tiny is very good at comforting due to his programming and the girl that was stuffed inside him, even though he has a girl inside him, he only has her personality traits but his programming says he's a boy so he sticks to that, and doesn't know about a girl inside him.


A small brown otter with a very high voice and hazel eyes, he's about one metre in height, he has a yellow underbelly and a long tail trailing behind him, he doesn't have legs just little feet coming from the bottom of his waist.


Nothing really same as everyone else, a little girl was stuffed in him. Her name was Tina, and was constantly bullied, but through it all she was cheerful, even to the bitter end...


He doesn't attack the night guard.


(Ask in the comments for me to add your character into his relationships)


Tiny and Kashikoi are very good friends.


  • Based off a puppet I have called tiny the otter

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