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Tonic at Freddy's is an animation made by Tonic ze Hedgefox based on the popular Five Nights at Freddy's series with his character, Tonic ze Hedgefox, in it.



The story begins with a poster for Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria needing a night guard, this is quickly noticed by Tonic who's walking by sipping on a regular can of Coca-Cola. "...hmm, guess Mike got fired then?" Tonic says, before saying "That was really fudgin' cheesy, let's get this over-and-done with. And look, buncha dolla."

Scene 1 - 1AM

The scene begins with Tonic sitting in the Office, constantly pressing the Freddy nose from the poster. Then the phone rings, and Tonic picks it up. "Uh-uh, hello? Hello? HELLO!??!?!?!" says the Phone, and then Tonic just throws it at the light button. Then that's when the blindspot light turns on, and Bonnie is revealed within the hallway. "Ah, hi Bonnie!" Tonic says, before Bonnie jumps at him, which Tonic quickly dodges and slowly sweeps Bonnie out the room with a broomstick, then closing the door. "I ain't havin' none of that, aight?" Tonic says, and then checking the cameras.

Scene 2 - Tba

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