Top Chef is a being of mass malevolence and an unfinished remodel of the original Chef, which has been captured and now serves as a weapon of the Cutting Crew. He appears as a steel endoskeleton version of the original, with patches of his suit left; He also has red eyes, claws, and steel teeth.


The idea of the remodel came from the original Crazy Chef restaurant, when some people thought the suit needed to be remade due to complaints of "red stains" and "slight odor". Crazy Chef Entertainment thought about the remodel, and work was put into it, under the name The Top Chef. But, the idea was stopped in favor of the other 4 original Cutting Crew members; Meredith, Sodapop, Fozie, and Mad Jack. Thus, the remodel sat in the back of the room, unused with no programming whatsoever; just a skeleton.

When Chef was taken away from Crazy Chef's due to the rights being bought bFazbear Entertainment, the remodel was also taken, in case Chef ever did need to be replaced. The need never came, and the remodel was forgotten; Ironically, the endoskeleton wasn't even used for Toy Chef. Wanting revenge, Top Chef began a rampage, slaying any animatronic he can find.

When the CC saw this, they put him in a prison for a while, until a new use for him came; Cuco and the other mini-me's decided to control him to fight enemies, such as The Manifestation and Katherine Steel's cyborgs, before their alliance with the CC. The plan was put to action, and Top Chef now kills enemies of the CC to fill his bloodlust.


TC never had or will have much of a social life; His voice box is broken and all he can say is one, repititive line; "Human". Needless to say, he is very murderous, sadistc, and cruel, and hates all.

Special Relations

Golden Lindsay-The two used to work alongside each other a lot, trying to kill Chef and Lindsay together. TC recently stopped working with him, ever since his capture; GL doesn't care, but does occasionally try to free him.

Toy Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Mangle-He once sat in the back of Freddy's, trying torture and kill them. All 4 of them are absouletly terrified of him, and rips and tears in their suits can be seen because of his relentless torment of them.


Top Chef moves on Night 4; Very slowly, he creeps up to the office, disabling the camera he is in while moving. A loud screech can be heard each time he moves, and eventually, he will end up in the blind spot; you must close the door, resulting in him wasting your power by banging and scratching the door. If you have enough power, you can outlive this, but if you don't, his jumpscare is yelling in front of your face.


-His debut appearance is in Five Nights At The Inventory, as one of the main antagonists.

-He returns in the sequel, also.

-As a playable character, he will appear in Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina.


-He has one hallucination, triggered when another animatronic is in the room with him; He will stare into the camera, eyeless. Once the hallucination is done, he will move considerably quicker than before, requiring you to have more power when he comes.


-The fact that he says "Human" over and over again is a reference to a song.

-He spoke, once, in a roleplay before having his voice box smashed again by Mad Jack.

-The full phrase Top Chef was originally going to say with the voice box was "Welcome everyone, animatronics and humans." Of course, the voice box doesn't work, though, so he only says part of it.

-The name came from the term of the same name, and the term came from the show of the same name, also.


"You have reached Parts and Services."
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