Toy boy is an animatronic first appearing in Five Nights: Reopening

Main Description

Toy Boy is an animatronic simillar to balloon boy. He is capable of disabling cameras when he leaves, This makes it difficult for you to spot him. He was put out of order after some "accident" regarding a child suffocating. Unlike Balloon Boy, Toy Boy has a jumpscare, and normally hides in your office until you open the cameras.


Toy Boy starts in the Little Toy Kingdom. Toy Boy will start in his booth, If you do not check the camera, Toy Boy will exit his booth and teleport to the Kids Korner. where B.B resides. You will need to constantly check the Kids Korner, and the Prize Castle to wind up the music box, making it hard to carry out both task, If you fail to do so, T.B will enter the hallway, And eventually enter the office, He normally takes the route from the hallway leading up to your office. If the door is closed, though, T.B will climb into the vents.

Toy Boy becomes active on night 4.


  • Toy Boy is based on Balloon Boy
  • Unlike Balloon Boy,  Toy Boy is withered.
  • Toy Boy comes from the location that was left to rot, explaining his damaged body.
  • His badly translated name is "lazy boy"