Toy Chiconnrygle is a hybrid of every toy animatronic excluding BB and The Puppet.


Toy Chiconnrygle is a hybrid of all Toy Animatronics (excluding BB and Puppet)It is gender less,but usually referred to female.She is made of hard plastic.Her eyes are mangle's eyes,main body is Toy chica,left eyebrow is from Toy Freddy,her arms and legs are made from parts of the Toys' limbs,and her head is Toy Chica's head slightly turned to the right,and her ears are the Toys' ears.

[planned] Behavior

She was going to start at the show stage #3.Then moves along to the kitchen,Show stage #1,to the air room,and then at the air vent.She gradually gets more active during nights 2-3,but gets inactive until night 5 and 6.


The managers found old parts of the toy animatronics.They had run out of ideas for Freddy's Pizza Club and made Toy Chiconnrygle,guaranteed to fill you with nostalgia.

Creation(real life)

DsFanboy just thought of this after the first look of SpringTrap :P.


  • It is genderless.
    • However,most people mistake it for being female.
  • She was inspired by the early theories of SpringTrap being a hybrid.

Personal and Not-In-Game Stuff

  • It is really hyper.
  • Toy Chiconnrygle doesn't know what pizza is.