Toy Harmony
Toy Harmony
"I'm better than you in many ways, foxiger"
Some attributes
First Lioness/animatronic
Second Female suit
Third Snobby
Other attributes
Fourth Waitress
Fifth Refers some people as their species name combined with a derogatory term, bad titles, or derogatory terms

Toy Harmony is the Toy version of Harmony the Lioness.


Toy Harmony looks almost exactly the same as Harmony, though she has blushed pink cheeks, and blue and red eyes.

Character Bio

After Harmony got discontinued due to malfunctioning, they made a Toy version of Harmony. Unfortunately, they made Toy Harmony have the wrong personality, instead of her proper personality.

Social Life

She is hated because she replaced Harmony 1.0, and she has a snobby personality.


She is very snobby and manipulative. She is also greedy and steals from other people, especially beloved personal belongings.

Special Relationships

(Warning: Only this section is public.)

Holly the Fox: Toy Harmony keeps on mangling her and all the while mocking and bullying her. Holly isn't afraid to fight back, however.

Harmony the Lioness: Harmony 1.0 hates Toy Harmony a lot, just as much as Icy hates Holly.

Mina the Mink: Toy Harmony likes stealing her bow, bracelet, and necklace.

Her nicknames for people

Holly - Foxigner (combination of fox and foreigner), That Fox Who Should Kill Herself (TFWSKH), Suicidal Fox, Not Worth Anything In People's Eyes (NWAIPE)

Mina - Coward, That Mink Who Everyone Is Predisposed To Hate (TMWEIPTH)

Harmony - That Heartless Lioness


  • Her initials are TH.
  • She usually refers kind people as "heartless people".
  • Ironically, she is an ally of the Annihilation, while her 1.0 counterpart is a target of them.