"Were you looking for Mad Jack?"

Toy Mad Jack (or Toy Jack) is an attempted revamp of Mad Jack. It is introduced in Five Nights At The Inventory. It wears white clothes and a different mask than Jack's.


It was scrapped at the end of Night 6 in FNATInvent, along with the Toy Crew, save for Toy Sodapop. It deactivated for a long time, until the events of Five Nights At The Inventory 2, where it was scrapped for parts. Toy Jack was destroyed to near death for parts for Zweihandler. It helped the Toy Crew try and kill Alex for revenge reasons.


It doesn't warp like Jack, but he does release animatronic nightingales like the old counterpart. It moves considerably faster than old Jack, but it stays at doorways less, so it balances it out. Use Watchman to keep Toy Jack in one place, though you may want to use him for a more dangerous animatronic.


It is a very quiet being, and only speaks when spoken to. It can be aggressive, but mostly he is nice but shy.

Special Relations

Mad Jack- His original counterpart thinks it is a spineless being. Toy Jack hates him due to hating being replaced.

Toy Meredith-The two get along, as TM understands its shyness.


-Toy Jack has an unknown gender. He is called male, by friends, but no one knows for sure.

-Toy Jack's mask looks like a shiny, gold Phantom of The Opera mask with two sides. The change in masks may be because Jack's mask reminds kids of when Jack stabbed a kid in the head.


"...You get away from me, you Guy Fawkes wannabe..." (To Jack)

"Fly, my little birds, fly...away from this place" (In FNATInvent1)

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