Were you looking for the human Lindsay or the golden version?

Toy Lindsay is the attempted remodel of Lindsay, and appears in Five Nights At The Inventory. She is a pale, humanoid animatronic with pink eyes, a blue shirt and jeans, and gray shoes with a jacket to match.


At the end of Night 6 in FNATInvent1, she was scrapped and left to decay in the Inventory. Before she was torn apart by mechanics to make Snare and Suicide, she gave her human counterpart Bungale to be fixed. Unaware of the fact they could've been saved themselves, the Toy Cutting Crew fell into deep despair. When Alex came back for another 6 nights, they wanted revenge on him because they thought he was working with the people that scrapped.


Toy Lindsay is considerably more active than her human counterpart, but she cantt disable cameras like the regular Lindsay. She moves to your Office from Toy Cutting Crew Storage, and can be found in any room. Toy Lindsay likes to hides from cameras, though. You can stop her from moving by using Watchman, however.

Games She Is In

-Five Nights At The Inventory, her debut appearance.

-Left For Five Nights(Inventory campaign), as a playable character.

-Five Nights At The Inventory 2, in a withered state.


She is sarcastic but sweet, like her human counterpart, but she isn't as energetic as her.

Special Relations:

Lindsay- The two seem to enjoy each other, but they argue sometimes. Originally, Toy Lindsay hated her for her supposed stupidity.

Foxy- The two are good friends, and Toy Lindsay wants to be a pirate.

Snare, Suicide- She likes Snare, but hates Suicide. As a result, the both of them hate Toy Lindsay.

Freddy- He wants to kill the regular Lindsay, so she doesn't really enjoy him. Freddy does seem to enjoy the fact there is a Lindsay animatronic that isn't completely evil, but still wants to kill guards.

Toy Sodapop- Toy Sodapop never told her they could come with Lindsay, and as a result, she left with the others while the Toy models decayed. She is mad at her, but really they are best friends.


In FNATInvent 1 and 2, she can appear eyeless and slump in a camera as a hallucination. This can happen in any camera.

Also, Toy Lindsay can randomly play a distorted song in FNATInvent 2. The song seems to be radio static, but in the background, sound can be heard.


-She does have a bow, but it's a fake one designed to entertain a crowd of kids. Lindsay often makes fun of her because of this.

-Her suit was made by The Seamstress, along with the rest of the Crew. Mechanics working on her are completely unaware this suit was made by her, so it's still a mystery how they were made.

-A pink eye can be seen in a teaser for FNATInvent1, with the hidden caption "Twice the trouble, twice the red." Ironically, 3 variations of Lindsay exist in-game.

-Her distorted music could be a nod to Lindsay's love for music.


"Yeah, taze me. I dare you, make us both happy." -To Alex in FNATInvent2

"Lindsay, say one more thing about the dang bow, you'll get a fistfull of metal."

"YAAAA-*cough* Yeah, I'm sorry, I cant scream like a pirate. But I can be one!"

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