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uhh...Hello? HELLO? yeah me again so yeah your doing great! another fox thing

you have to look out for i think its cuter than the last...i think its name

is Megumi not to sure but yeah not so creepy. oh and don't die that would be good for both of us!  phone guy night 2


Toy Megumi
Toy Megumi
is just like the old one apart from she has rosy red cheeks, green eyes, blue eyeliner, smaller tail, she is slightly smaller and so are her feet, bigger mouth, bigger ears, light blue dress and dark blue boots, different dance and smaller legs.


unlike old Megumi she doesn't dance and sing everywhere only at 2 times of the day opening and before closing between them she plays with the children. She doesn't manipulate people she plays with them she makes them fall in love with her and then she pretends to hate them leaving them heartbroken. ~its fun to watch them suffer~ she always says to mangle.

Back story

they found the old Megumi a bit scary so they put her into storage the company decided that they wanted to have something for all ages to play with them so they made Megumi 2.0 or Toy Megumi all the children say shes way kinder and prettier and Toy Megumi teases old Megumi about this when she strolls by to get to the office like the old Megumi she find it all one big game to see who can get to the office first but Megumi
Old Megumi

discontinued megumi

2.0 is more competitive. the staff started hearing a child's laughter coming from her so they removed her voice box but she still speaks with her child's voice box.


she starts backstage like the old Megumi did. she thinks it always a game to get there first but Megumi 2.0 is very competitive. She is always interfering with other peoples relationships and ether trying to break them up or trying to get people together depending on who you are and what you ask. she has the same rare chance of staring at your window and staying there for 30 seconds she calls it "helping" but instead of just looking in she starts humming and her jaw starts squeaking.


unlike old megumi she has NEVER fallen in love but she has more friends

Toy Freddy

she hates him because she always hated Freddy and he wont leave her alone


she doesn't mind him that much but she kinda hates him....a lot

Toy Chica

she has always been close friends with Toy Chica and they normally appear around the same time inside the office ~I can tell YOUR a chicken but not Chica she might be a duck~


~never liked the duck thing~ she always laughs ad points at Chica

Toy Bonnie

she likes Toy Bonnie because she finds him kinda cute but she has never fallen in love with him


she doesn't like him much as hes always going on and on about how pretty she is she always shouts at him to get a life.


their close friends and are normally quite near to each other Megumi is always stealing parts off old Megumi to give to Mangle.


she doesn't mind but since only Megumie liked her she doesn't really like him

Balloon Boy (BB)

she hates because she hates him I guess

Golden Freddy

never met...

Mittens the pirate captain b☃ cityws

she thinks of her as a friend but doesn't know what mittens herself thinks

Pure by cityws

she is frightened to death by Pure

Konton by cityws

she doesn't mind him but shes not to friendly with him because he was friends with megumi

Peppermint the skunk

she is very kind toward him because he is shy and scared of everyone and everything

Abigail the rabbit by foxstar241

she is always trying to get her and peppermint together

Holly the fox by Foxstar241

she is always pestering her about how she should start dancing and playing like her and saying that she could teach her how but they are still friends ~well at least that's what megumi thinks she doesn't know what Holly thinks


  • she steals parts from Old Megumi for Mangle
  • Megumi 2.0 is Japanese for the second blessing i guess
  • She thinks its all a big game to see who can kill the night guard first
  • she doesn't like many people that old Megumi likes

                  I would really appreciate it if you made fan art of Toy Megumi even if you think its bad i will probably like it :D


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